06-07-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman of Cs announces a request of urgent appearance of conseller Buch by its imputation by the 1-O

The senator and spokesperson of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament of Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, has said that "the PSOE has betrayed the constitutionalism in Navarra by agreeing with nationalists, batasunos and populists." "It is the natural tendency of the socialist party, whenever it has the opportunity is allied with nationalists" he said and added that Sanchez intends to give the government "a party that is the branch of the PNV, which does not even consider Navarra to be a community autonomous and that wants to annex it to the Basque Country ".

Roldan has also criticized the other "pact of infamy" in the Diputación de Barcelona where the PSC has reached an agreement with JxCat, "those who call us 'tared beasts' and who struck a blow to democracy in Catalonia." Therefore, "it is impossible for us to reach any agreement with Pedro Sánchez" has sentenced, since "his only principle is to sell the equality and union of all Spaniards with nationalists to stay in power."

The orange spokeswoman has defended the participation of the liberal formation in the manifestation of the LGTBI Pride, this afternoon, in Madrid because "it is a day of vindication of equality and freedom" in which there should be "neither sectarianism nor cabinets of no type, neither ideological. "

Roldán has also announced the request for an urgent appearance by the interior minister, Miquel Buch, after he was charged with disobedience and prevarication for his alleged involvement in the organization of the 1-O. The orange deputy has said that "it is the natural state of the politicians of the old Convergence" since "if they are not imputed by corruption, they are accused of attacking the rule of law".

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