12-14-2019 | Cs

The orange leader asks Torra to 'not instigate the violent and protect people' who want to attend the Barça-Madrid match next Wednesday

"The PSOE has to decide if it is on the side of those who skip the law or those who defend democracy and the Constitution." This has been said by the leader of Citizens (Cs) in Catalonia and senator, Lorena Roldán, before holding a meeting with proxies of the Orange Party. Roldán has affirmed that from Cs “we will continue doing everything possible so that the future of all Spaniards is not in the hands of those who want to break our country” and has indicated that, on the contrary, the socialists “seem to be more aware of what what ERC does and thinks ”. "We have seen Miquel Iceta as one day he talks about referendums, another one about pardons and now his last occurrence is counting nations," he said.

The leader of Cs recalled that the orange formation has placed a pact between constitutionalists in Catalonia on the table because "it is time for moderate forces to agree" and has pointed out that "another Catalonia for all is possible." He has asked the Socialists to clarify whether he is on the side "of those who want a Catalonia for all or if they will continue to support those who point to those who do not commune with separatism" and recalled that "there is an alternative to the nightmare government that Sánchez is agreeing with nationalists and Podemos ”.

"I think the Spaniards are looking forward to the moderates agreeing," said Roldán, and noted that "the pacts that the PSOE is making are not a good idea for the future of the Spaniards." He also explained that next Monday, at the meeting between Arrimadas and Sánchez, Cs will insist on “the route of the 221 seats to form a stable, central, moderate government that promotes the reforms that this country needs”.

Roldan has also asked President Torra to "not instigate the violent and protect people who want to attend the Barça-Madrid party" next Wednesday because "we have seen weeks ago the threats of the totalitarian tsunami sowing chaos and cutting roads" . "We rely on the work of the Mossos," he added and ended by pointing out that "the attitude of the Government is very irresponsible when it is dedicated to the violent jelly." "Violence in democracy is never justifiable," he said.

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