10-24-2019 | Cs

The orange spokeswoman regrets that Torra 'criminalizes' the agents of the State Security Forces and Bodies and affirms that the president `is incompatible with living together in Catalonia'.

"The PSOE is more comfortable looking at Franco than not talking about the great reforms that this country needs." This has been said by the national spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) and in the Parlament de Catalunya, Lorena Roldán, when assessing political news after visiting Arenys de Mar (Barcelona) to learn about the effects of the last floods in Catalonia. Roldán has lamented "the media show on tele-Sánchez, just before the election campaign", to exhume the remains of dictator Francisco Franco and has insisted that "Cs is more about looking to the future and not using it electorally."

Roldán said that the priority is "talk about employment, support for families, opportunities for young people and equality among Spaniards" and said that with the exhumation "finally the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will leave talk about Franco's bones and he will have to talk about the great challenges we have to face. ” He also regretted that the PSOE broke the consensus generated in the Congress of Deputies among all political groups to make the Valley of the Fallen "a place of homage and reconciliation at the proposal of a group of experts" and decided "to go solo "

The orange spokeswoman has lamented that the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra "criminalizes" the agents of the State security forces and bodies after the riots last week in Catalonia and has said that the president "is incompatible with the coexistence in Catalonia ”. Roldan has pointed out that for any dialogue "we must condemn violence in advance" and recalled that "we already knew what was going to happen after Torra applauded people who were arrested accused of terrorism."

"Torra has proved to be a public danger," said the orange leader in Catalonia, and recalled that Torra "thanks those who have sown chaos and goes with them to cut roads," a fact that Roldan has considered of "unheard of in a president". Finally, he regretted that the Government "instead of standing next to those who defend coexistence, side with the violent."

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