12-15-2019 | Cs

The orange leader affirms that it is time to 'join forces between constitutionalists and value everything that unites us' so that Catalonia 'is once again a land of opportunities'

"The PSOE prefers to give in to the blackmail of ERC instead of betting on the" Arrimadas route "of 221 constitutional seats." This has been said by the leader of Citizens (Cs) in Catalonia and senator, Lorena Roldán, when assessing political news after visiting the Poultry Fair of the Raça Prat of El Prat de Llobregat. Roldan has claimed to be sure that “socialist voters and moderate and center people are looking forward to our agreement” and explained that in the meeting tomorrow between the president of the parliamentary group of Cs in the Congress of Deputies, Inés Arrimadas and the socialist candidate, Pedro Sánchez will ask "to rectify and change partners, not to be wrong again and think about the good of all Spaniards."

The orange leader has pointed out that Arrimadas "will explain to Sánchez what really happens in Catalonia" because "if Torra and Iceta are informed of the situation in Catalonia, I am very afraid that they will have a distorted view of reality." Roldan explained that "it is time to rectify and think of all Spaniards so as not to leave the future of 47 million people in the hands of those who want to break the country."

Roldán has affirmed that it is time to “join forces between constitutionalists and value everything that unites us” so that Catalonia “becomes a land of opportunities” and has lamented that the leader of the Catalan Socialists, Miquel Iceta, “ I bought all the mantras of separatism talking about referendums, pardons and counting nations. ” "Iceta one day constitutionalist rises and the next vote with the separatists against the Castilian being a vehicle language in the Catalan school," said Senator Orange.

"We do not know if the pact between PSOE and ERC can be the advance of a pact in the Generalitat," Roldán explained, but has pointed out that "ERC is doing the usual, trying to blackmail the government to get more privileges." Roldan has finished adding that, if an agreement is closed, "this would be a bad option for all Spaniards."

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