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The spokesperson for Cs the Parliament has criticized that the Catalan institutions are not tomorrow in the King's visit because 'they represent all Catalans'

"There are possibilities of a great constitutionalist coalition; let's take advantage of this unity to put an end to the stage of a failed project." This is what the spokesperson for Ciudadanos (Cs) in Parliament and the Senate, Lorena Roldán, said in an interview on RTVE's 'Café de ideas' program. And he recalled that in recent years "nothing has been achieved because governments have devoted themselves only to 'procés'" and not to managing such important issues as health, education or social services. For Roldán, this has led Catalonia to not be able to cope well with the Covid-19 crisis.

Regarding the management of the pandemic, the deputy of the liberal formation has also been very critical of the Sánchez government "in July it lifted the restrictions and went on vacation leaving the hot potato to the autonomous communities." "We cannot have 17 different laws, we must work in a coordinated way under a common framework dictated by the Government of Spain," he claimed.

The Cs deputy has also referred to the recovery plan announced yesterday by Pedro Sánchez: "We hope that the government has a sensible plan that will prevent ERTE from turning into eros, that entrepreneurs can carry out the business and that the who are unemployed can reengage in the labor market, "claimed the orange leader.

In relation to the King's visit tomorrow in Barcelona, Roldton has described as "sad" that there are no representatives of Catalan institutions because the Government of the Generalitat "represents all Catalans". The Cs spokeswoman recalled that "the separatist parties caused a problem of coexistence in Catalonia and that the King's speech on 3-O was aimed at recovering the union and closing this fracture."

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