01-12-2020 | Cs

The Cs spokesperson in the Senate regrets to the Interior Minister "the privileges granted to ETA terrorists"

"What are the objective criteria for approaching ETA prisoners? Nobody believes that Bildu's support is free ”, he has expressed the spokesperson for Ciudadanos (Cs) in the Senate, Lorena Roldán, to the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who has been reminded that "since he is minister he has been close to 98 ETA prisoners, half of those who are behind bars" . “Have these 98 terrorists repented or apologized to the victims?”, To which he added that “there are 379 unsolved ETA crimes, families with whom justice has not been done”, but “when we were confined, it allowed the visits of families in jail to these prisoners, also members of Bildu, those that you say have nothing to do with ETA ”.

The spokesperson of the liberal formation in the Upper House has regretted "the privileges granted to ETA terrorists ”. “The same day that Bildu announced his support for the Budgets, you removed the murderer of Miguel Ángel Blanco from the isolation module, and a few days ago the murderer of the socialist Fernando Múgica; it is that they do not hide ”, said Roldán, who also recalled that“ the PSOE governs in Navarra thanks to Bildu's votes, Sánchez is president thanks to his abstention, and now they have also agreed with Otegi on the Budgets ”. "Mr. Minister, not everything goes, do not think for a single second that you will come out of this infamy immaculate," he concluded.

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