07-09-2019 | Cs

The orange spokeswoman will request the appearance of Torra to explain how much she is going to 'derail' in a Diada that 'only aims to divide and fracture Catalan society'

“He has two options: comply with the laws and be a Democrat or break them and end up like his teammates if they are finally condemned”. This is how the spokeswoman for the National Executive of Citizens and spokesperson in the Parliament, Lorena Roldán, addressed Torra when two years of the coup d'etat in Catalonia on September 6 and 7 are completed. Roldan recalled that "Separatism has been wrong in date and place because we are in the 21st century and in a European democracy."

Before the threats of Torra, the spokeswoman of Cs in the Parliament and candidate of Cs to the presidency of the Generalitat has sent a message: "Enough to threaten the State week and week also, it is enough to continue fracturing Catalan society and threaten to skip the laws and the Constitution."

During a Citizen walk through the Plaza Prim de Reus, Lorena Roldán has crossed out "regrettable" the motto chosen for de la Diada: ‘Tornarem” (‘We will return’), and has warned Torra that "If separatism insists on the coup, in Cs we will restrain it as we did in 2017". He has also announced that the orange formation will not attend the events of the Diada that it has described as a "private party of independence". He has also announced that the appearance of President Torra will be requested to explain "How much money of all Catalans are going to waste on this party that only aims to divide and fracture Catalan society."

Finally, the spokeswoman for the National Executive of Citizens has affected Sánchez that "I am not thinking of the Spaniards but are playing chairs with Iglesias", after this week's “outrageous” offer of positions at the CNMV or the CGPJ. And he has asked Sánchez that "Stop this show and stop shaming citizens."

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