11-13-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs regrets that Torra 'is ported for applauding terrorism suspects and cutting roads' instead of 'reducing waiting lists or barracks'

"The legacy you are leaving is a more impoverished, divided and broken Catalonia." This is how the leader of Citizens (Cs) in Catalonia and national spokesman for the party, Lorena Roldán, have addressed the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, who has been reproached for “the damage he is doing with his actions”. He has said it days before the Catalans go to "live the shame of being news" because Torra goes to trial for "not respecting the Catalans and for using public buildings as if it were the panel of separatism announcements."

Roldán has recriminated the president of the Catalan executive who has spent days “hoarding covers for applauding terrorism suspects, for thanking the hooded men for their riots or for going to cut roads with the official car” instead of “having reduced lists of expect or the number of barracks in schools and lower budgets. "

The leader of Cs in Catalonia believes that Torra does not deserve the title of ‘Molt Honorable President’ when "he is pointed out as one of the radical leaders who sow chaos." "I wish we had a president who recognizes his mistakes, asks for forgiveness and condemns violence instead of encouraging it."

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