12-12-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs in Catalonia regrets that 'child poverty and energy poverty' have increased in Catalonia 'while Torra does nothing'

"While entering and leaving his office to go to Waterloo, thousands of Catalans enter and leave poverty because they do not have a governor to protect them." This has been said by the leader of Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Lorena Roldán, to President Torra in the control session to the Government. Roldan, given the increase in poverty data provided by the Generalitat itself, has asked Torra to "not become the hero or the martyr" as president because "martyrs are the Catalans who have to suffer their inability to manage resources" .

Roldan has warned that "the data does not stop getting worse while Torra is worried about other things and subscribes to words that ask the people for" big sacrifices. " "For every 12 Catalans who leave poverty, the double falls back into it in less than a year," explained the orange deputy and described as "alarming" the worsening of social indicators and the chronification of poverty that The Catalans live. “There are more and more Catalans in an extreme fragility that leads them to a situation of poverty that is difficult for them to leave,” Roldán said.

The leader of Cs has lamented that "child poverty and energy poverty" have increased and that "there are more than five thousand people sleeping in the open in Catalonia while Torra does nothing." Finally, he has also criticized that separatist politicians have been talking for years about "the most social budgets in the history of the Generalitat when problems are never solved" and has announced that Cs will present a law on urgent measures against energy poverty.

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