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Before the sentence of the procés, the spokeswoman of Cs in the Congress, Inés Arrimadas, demands to Sanchez that 'does not pardon nor give unjustified privileges to those who have given a blow to the democracy'

“Together we are stronger against nationalism, populism and against those who intend to break the coexistence and unity of Spain.” This has been stated by the national spokeswoman for Citizens and party leader in Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, before participating, together with several leaders of the formation, in the commemorative demonstration of the Hispanic Day that was celebrated this morning in Barcelona. Roldán has assured that they will not allow “nationalists to try to make us feel foreigners in our own land because in Torra Catalonia they feel Catalan and Spanish, they have retaliation” and has assured that they will continue to go out to defend the rights and everyone's freedoms because "we are proud to be Catalan, Spanish and European."

The leader of the liberal formation in Catalonia has reiterated that “Citizens is the only referent of constitutionalism in Catalonia” and in this sense has affected the socialist party that this week did not support the motion of censure against the president of the Generalitat and that today does not has attended the demonstration in which the rights and freedoms of all Catalans are defended. "We do not understand how the socialist party believes that leaving the fate of 7.5 million Catalans in the hands of the separatists is a good idea," he said.

The spokeswoman for Citizens in the Congress of Deputies, Inés Arrimadas, has also added to the criticism against the socialist party for not attending the constitutionalist demonstration and has affirmed that all Catalans who feel Spanish should know that they are not “alone. "Because" Citizens never fails, never loosens, never clears constitutionalism "

Also, Arrimadas has been hopeful and has predicted that “one day we will wake up from this long night of the process and continue in a Catalonia within Spain and Europe, in a Catalonia where we should not be ashamed or hide or receive reprisals for feel Catalan Spanish and European ”. "Someday it will stop being heroic being here with a flag of Spain," he finished

Finally, and as for the imminent publication of the sentence of the procés, Arrimadas, he has asked the president of the acting government, Pedro Sánchez, to “abide by it, do not pardon and do not give unjustified privileges to those who have struck against the democracy against those who have loaded Catalonia and put our country in check ”

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