12-19-2019 | Cs

The orange leader asks the president 'to leave for respect to the Catalans, call elections, and give way to those who have a project for Catalonia'

"Torra was already politically disabled, but now also judicially because of disobedience." This has been said by the leader of Citizens (Cs) in Catalonia and senator, Lorena Roldán, after hearing the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that disables the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, for disobeying the requirements of the Central Electoral Board (JEC). Roldan explained that "Torra ignored the warnings of Cs" and now "is disabled for disobeying the laws and discrediting the Catalan institutions making them the showcase of separatism."

The orange leader has asked the president to “leave for respect to the Catalans, call elections, and give way to those who have a project for Catalonia” and has lamented that, in turn, the acting president, Pedro Sánchez, “ I did nothing when I had the obligation to watch over and protect the rights of all Catalans. ” Roldán recalled that "Cs made the facts known to the Prosecutor's Office by demonstrating, once again, that Cs is the voice of constitutionalists and ensures the rights of all Catalans" and added that "Torra believed that Catalonia was his , but now it has reached the end of the lurch. ”

Roldan has also explained that "it is not understandable that Sanchez prefers to yield to the blackmails of the nationalists" for the investiture because "with people who have disobeyed or are convicted of sedition there is nothing to negotiate." "We do not understand how Sanchez does not choose the Arr Arrimadas' way to give moderation to the government," he has sentenced and has again appealed "to his responsibility to rectify."

Finally, on the ruling of the European High Court of Justice (CJEU) on the parliamentary immunity of Oriol Junqueras, the orange senator has pointed out that "no matter how much the nationalists repeat a lie does not become reality" and explained that the CJEU “He has only spoken in relation to the condition of Junqueras as a MEP, having nothing to do with the condemnation of the Supreme Court for sedition

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