07-25-2020 | Cs

Cs asks the Govern if measures have been taken to control infections in nightlife spaces, after meeting with the sector

"We are facing an uncontrolled situation due to a chaotic management, Torra has completely lost control of the management of regrowths." This was stated by the leader of Ciudadanos (Cs) in Catalonia and senator, Lorena Roldán, after meeting with the president of the Cs group in the Parliament, Carlos Carrizosa, and the orange deputy, Martí Pachamé, with nightlife organizations. Roldán has considered that the closure has been made "without consensus or sufficient data" or "taking other measures to avoid crowds or illegal parties in public space."

The orange leader in Catalonia has explained that they have met with nightlife organizations to "know first-hand their needs" and announced that Cs has submitted questions to the Parliament for the Government to explain if it has taken measures to control contagions in nightlife spaces. "Torra has decreed the cessation indiscriminately throughout the territory, without a 'plan B' or a rescue plan with aid for one of the sectors that has been most affected by the pandemic," said Roldán and recalled that the sector of the Nightlife "generates 13% of the GDP that depends on tourism."

Roldán added that the Torra executive, "instead of facing this new crisis rigorously and effectively, has been improvising for weeks" and has considered that the Government "is mired in chaos and endangering the health and jobs of the Catalans" . "Meanwhile, they have dedicated themselves to asking for more illegal referendums, to attacking our rule of law and continuing with the confrontation with the rest of Spain," the senator regretted and ended by adding that the recommendation to French tourists not to travel to Catalonia "is the definitive proof of the Govern's disastrous management", being "terrible news that damages the image of Catalonia and a brutal blow to the economy".

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