12-08-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs in Catalonia reminds Sánchez that to be invested president of the Citizens government proposes the Arrimadas route that would grant him 221 seats

"We ask Sánchez to rectify, to break with ERC and he sits down to talk with the constitutionalists instead of those who want to knock down the Constitution." This was stated by the leader of Citizens in Catalonia in statements to the media during a visit to the Purisima Fair of Sant Boi de Llobregat accompanied by the president of the Parliamentary group of Cs, Carlos Carrizosa.

Roldán has asked Pedro Sánchez to “change the interlocutors” in the negotiations for his inauguration as president of the Government. And he has reminded him that he has another option such as the so-called “Via Arrimadas” that would provide 221 seats, in reference to a possible agreement between socialists, PP and Cs. "We extend our hand to do what they have never wanted to have a government in Spain that does not depend on the nationalists" and has asked him to "do it thinking about the future and the good of all Spaniards."

Regarding published information on a possible electoral advance in Catalonia, the spokeswoman for the orange formation has affirmed that Citizens have a team prepared and that he is the only one with “a project capable of bringing all Catalans together again and ending the black stage of the 'procés' ”. "We represent the only project with proposals designed for real Catalonia, for the daily problems of the Catalans." And he added that from Citizens, he is committed to putting at the center of the political debate "health, education, social services and all the issues that have been forgotten because of the separatist obsession."

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