22-10-2020 | Cs

The orange spokesperson points out that all the corruption that has been experienced in Catalonia, with former presidents and councilors involved, generates disaffection in the population

"We want the government's abusive practice of opacity to end and for the public to know what their money is being spent on." This has been said by the spokesperson for Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament and in the Senate, Lorena Roldán, when defending a motion presented by Cs on the intentional lack of transparency of the Government of the Generalitat. Roldán explained that in the motion they ask that the transparency mechanisms that are contemplated in the Parliament's regulations be applied because "there are innumerable protections that Cs has obtained" from the Table by not receiving the information they requested from the Catalan executive.

He explained that "even the Government Departments have been urged to give us the information" because "we present questions and the Government does not respond or respond after the deadline." "The Government has the duty to make the data it handles available to us," said Roldán and lamented that many times "they respond in a generic way" with a link to the transparency portal or other websites.

The orange spokeswoman has also pointed out that all the corruption that has been experienced in Catalonia generates disaffection in the population at a time "very complicated with a pandemic that is doing a lot of damage." Roldán has listed cases such as "that of former president Jordi Pujol and his entire family, former counselor Raül Romeva convicted of embezzlement, the secretary general of sports, the emails of Laura Borràs or the recent statements of the former Convergència treasurer where he pointed to former president Artur Mas" as an expert in the 3% case, as examples of the large number of cases of corruption that Catalonia has experienced and has pointed out that "to avoid this corruption it is necessary to render accounts and give explanations."

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