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The spokeswoman of Cs affirms that it is 'a shame as the separatist parties want to expel the Civil Guard for doing their job' while they refuse 'to condemn terrorism'

"While those who respect the Constitution are expelled, totalitarian separatists applaud suspected terrorists." This has been said by the spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament of Catalonia and the national executive of the party, Lorena Roldán, when attending the media. Roldán has affirmed that “she feels very proud” that the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, expelled Cs from the plenary of the Parliament “for defending democracy in Catalonia” in a session that supposed “one of the biggest infamies in the chamber since the coup d'etat that the separatists gave in September 2017 ”.

The spokeswoman recalled that yesterday several separatist deputies "pulled people who have chosen the path of violence" and said that Cs will continue "defending democracy despite whoever weighs it." He has lamented that "when people who confess to having explosives and want to attack in Catalonia are arrested," there are people "who are afraid and feel threatened." "The separatist leaders have banalized terrorism by putting the red carpet on Arnaldo Otegi or the founder of Terra Lliure, and that is a real irresponsibility," Roldán said.

He has said that it is “a shame as the separatist parties want to expel the Civil Guard for doing their job” while refusing “to condemn terrorism” and has pointed out that several of the resolutions passed yesterday with the separatist votes “are contrary to the Constitution because they reaffirm themselves in giving another coup d'etat ”. Roldán has affirmed that the Government of President Quim Torra “would have to go out to support the security forces that are protecting the citizens instead of expelling them from Catalonia” and recalled that Cs has proposed a plus for the Civil Guards destined in territory Catalan "to compensate for the harassment they receive."

Finally, the orange deputy has lamented that while all this is happening, the acting president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, "try to drain the lump and bleach separatism" and reminded him that Torra "is devoting himself to warming the streets challenging the rule of law". "This attitude deserves a response from the government of Spain," he said.

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