Jorge Azcón, of the Popular Party is, from Saturday, June 15, 2019, the new mayor of Zaragoza thanks to the votes of his group (8), and the support of Cs (6) and VOX (2). In this way the political change has been achieved, in a Town Hall, which has been governed for the past sixteen years by leftist formations.

In his inaugural speech, Jorge Azcón expressed his gratitude, especially personalized in the spokespersons of Citizens and VOX. «You know as well as I do that it has not been easy to reach this investiture agreement, but the result makes that effort worthwhile.

Because it is an agreement thought for and for Zaragoza. Subscribed from a firm idea: to give the city a solid and stable government that takes measures to solve real problems of our neighbors. And it has been possible because of that high point of view and your work and your generosity.

Be assured that I will correspond to your trust and your help with maximum dedication and loyalty. We are here to give Zaragoza a project for the future and prosperity, and in that passionate goal that unites us, I will focus all my dedication ».

Statements by the VOX spokesperson

The councilor and spokesman of Vox in the City of Zaragoza, Julio Calvo, has ensured that the entry of their training in the municipal government «will be negotiated in the coming days»And pointed out that«everything is open«. He added that he has the commitment of the newly elected mayor, Jorge Azcón de «take on a good part of the projects»Since«good part coincides substantially with the PP ».

«We are open to any possible scenario. We are more interested in taking out the electoral program, which will be the one that will be carried out because it is the most loaded with common sense«.

«You can not advance anything. If in addition to the two district presidencies, which we will choose carefully, we get some area of ​​better governance, but the determining factor is that control or influence in any government decision that passes through our compliance«.

Calvo has stated that, for the moment, they have supported Azcón and will now play «negotiate everything else without commitment on the part of anyone, but if we talk and make dialogue one of the axes of the relationship and we will continue to dialogue throughout the legislature«.

Global negotiation

Julio Calvo pointed out that Vox's support for the PP candidate is part of an agreement for Zaragoza «within a global negotiation of in Spain«. He added that «there will be no choice but to carry out»The Vox program in aspects such as lowering the debt and reviewing the PGOU because the sentence of the 'outlet' of Torre Village«reveals the obsolescence of the General Plan«.

He also said that they will have to review the powers of the City Council regarding the structure «by necessity to reduce the debt that all parties have in the electoral program and the reduction of taxes«, Except the left that points to the increase in taxation.

He has also referred to the maintenance of public services and undertake infrastructures of the city that have to be done "Vox says it or not because it's strictly common sense«.

After making it clear that the Vox program will be carried out, he noted that the two councilors achieved «are essential to carry forward any decision of the government team»And its criteria will be decisive.

Red line

About Citizens has commented that yesterday they had a meeting with Vox. «I do not know if to call negotiation, but it was very cordial and they gave us the points of the agreement with the PP, and we will have to understand or they with us if they want to take initiatives of government, like the PP ».

Julio Calvo has highlighted the following: «We will be determinants for any government action that Azcón wants to undertake and there is no doubt that under these conditions will be the fulfillment of our program, to a greater or lesser extent, and will not contravene our program, this PP and Cs know it because arithmetic is unavoidable«.

He also said that Sara Fernández (Cs) «is wrong to talk about 'red line' when referring to Vox' «In politics, never say never because what today is red tomorrow may be orange or pink. Sentences are not advisable in politics because sometimes you have to eat them. If you want to move forward your government proposals are going to have to have Vox and I do not think it is difficult given the coincidences of programs«.

About the LGTBI collective, Calvo considered that «there is a part of the supposed rights in the homosexual marriage in which the difference is semantic because they are equated to civil unions. The other set of rights are the same as the rest of the citizens, such as sexual freedom or the right to honor and privacy and none of that is put in question by our program«.

He also recalled that marriage or civil unions «will never be addressed at the municipal level«, So in your opinion«plan it in the inauguration of a mayor is superfluous because the municipality has no competence in this matter and this group LTGBI has nothing to fear from our presence in the City«.

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