El alcalde de Guadalajara, Antonio Román

Ask the Minister of Health what reasons there are for Spain to be one of the countries in the world with the highest rate of toilets infected by coronavirus

The senator of the Popular Group, Antonio Román has asked the Minister of Health that the Government rectify the measure taken this morning in the Council of Ministers, on the lack of confinement of children from April 27. "Don't make supermarkets a meeting place for children and infections." "The measures are going to be tricked," said the popular senator, "such as the announcement that the children were going to go for a walk and now it is only to go to the supermarket or the pharmacy, places with greater risks than a walk in the fresh air." .

The senator from Guadalajara, Antonio Román, during the Senate Control Session, held today, asked the Minister of Health about the number of deaths by Covid19 and the contagion of health professionals in the coronavirus crisis.

Román has asked the Minister of Health to assume his responsibility, "and when he leaves, which will be soon, take a moment to acknowledge his political error and ask for forgiveness for the responsibility that his Government has in those infected and deceased as a result of negligence management of Mr. Sánchez and his ministers ”, he snapped.

In this sense. I reminded him that "more than 31,000 infected and dozens of deceased toilets, are few for the Government to self-criticize and say that it has done something wrong?" asked the popular senator; at the same time that he asked for explanations about why Spain is one of the countries in the world with the highest rate of health professionals infected by Coronavirus.

“Mr. Sánchez's government lacks self-criticism and humility. They have plenty of information manipulation and pride ”, Román has denounced. And he added that "yes, it is not enough that the rate of contagion among healthcare professionals is the highest, so that they recognize their responsibility for their delay in acting, their unpredictability, their ineffectiveness and their deceit on the Spanish".

RESPONSIBILITY The popular senator has accused the Government of acting late despite international warnings and of not stocking up on protective material exposing health workers and professionals without means to the attack of the coronavirus.

Antonio Román recalled, during his speech, that no diagnostic tests have been carried out on health professionals, and even last week, “fake masks” that do not comply with the regulations have been distributed, exposing health professionals to a high risk of It spread and he asked the minister if he is not going to assume any responsibility.

Likewise, he recalled the complaints of the General College of Nursing, the General Council of Physicians and that, finally, yesterday the Supreme Court approved the precautionary measures requested by the State Confederation of Medical Unions and has requested the Ministry of Health to overcome deficiencies and to adopt measures for the effectiveness of a better distribution of sanitary protection means.

“You were late to the crisis, the coronavirus surpassed you and you were always behind. Today he has expired and it is evident that his current desire is to be an Ex Minister ”, Román accused Illa. "You will not be blamed for the existence of COVID, but you can be held responsible for not having tackled the pandemic effectively," he concluded.

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