Rosa Romero en el Grupo de Trabajo de Servicios Sociales

The president of the Health Commission stresses that "at a time when support is needed for all schools, the Government wants to leave behind a very important part of the educational system, since one in four students belongs to the concerted school "

· He points out that "the Government says that it is reaching out to reach agreements, but then it brings to Congress a bill on education without consensus, and a text loaded with attacks on concerted education."

• It also reproaches the Executive for its attacks on special education, to which the PP has demanded that the maintenance of special education centers be guaranteed.

• Remember that the freedom of choice of education belongs to the parents, and is a right included in the Spanish Constitution.

• It is far removed from what the Government proposes. Contrary to the PSOE and United We Can, he remarks that "the PP considers that the best social policy is employment because it is what gives dignity, freedom and independence, and the text that the Executive brings bets for more public spending."

• Calls for raising the fight against the wage gap to the status of a State Pact and proposes concrete measures to support women entrepreneurs and workers who have become pregnant.

• He points out that “today Spain is more unequal and poorer because the government arrived late to the crisis and had to approve much stricter containment measures than the rest of European countries, which makes the economy in greater danger of recession and that the agencies say that the unemployment data is going to be very serious ”.

• Calls for a national strategy to fight poverty, with an emphasis on young people and minors, and that European funds be directed to an important extent towards the labor insertion of young people.

• Defend a national pact for conciliation. "The family must be at the center of action of all policies," he remarks.

• He criticizes the government's measures in the area of ​​housing because “they are very interventionist, and the international experience of this type of measure has not been positive”, for which reason he asks for their suppression in the text.

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