Holders of his speech:

• The GPP deputy stresses that "there is no social policy if there is no good economic policy that generates employment". "Only in this way can we sustain, strengthen and strengthen our welfare state," he proclaims.

• Warns against "hidden or parallel pacts" contrary to the Commission's sense and reaches out to agree on future-oriented proposals and solutions that promote "as soon as possible" Recovery, based on "a clear diagnosis", listening to the experts and with a four-day Work Plan.

• Calls for the Working Group on Social Policies and the System of Care for Reconstruction to focus on those who are having the worst time in this crisis
health, economic and social, "a real tragedy with 4 million Spaniards in ERTEs, many others unemployed and 100,000 companies bankrupt."

• Proposes the implementation of "policies to support families and the most vulnerable", fight against social exclusion and protect our elders, "those most affected by COVID-19 and those who we owe the most, because they belong to that generation of effort and work that brought Spain forward ".

• Urges to tackle "the challenge" of returning to classrooms and technological transformation to alleviate the digital education gap, stresses that "Education is the best
guarantor of equal opportunities ”and asks to work so that young people“ have the best preparation and can assume a leading role in the
Recovery and in the construction of everyone's future ”.

• Urges to promote the State Pact against Gender Violence with specific measures to protect victims, who have been "one of the most bitter faces of the crisis, condemned to be at home with their abusers."

• It states that “another priority” that must be present in the Commission's line of work, along with equality and gender violence, is that of “favoring” measures
for the effective reconciliation of work and family life, which has been “another of the lessons” of this crisis, with a greater incidence in women.

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