Rosa Romero en la Comisión para la Reconstrucción Social y Económica de España

The president of the Health Commission denounces that the Executive “fills his mouth these days with the word consensus and agreement, but then they bring a text that attacks the freedom of educational choice of parents and leaves out two million students from the concerted school ”.

He underlines that "public and concerted education coexist in the Spanish educational system and fulfill an essential service in educational matters", for which reason he rejects the "old proposal of the left to confront the public with the private".

It also reproaches the Government for wanting to leave out the special education centers that need their support in educational matters.

He describes as "very important" the battery of proposals presented by the PP that have as a common denominator that "the best social policy is job creation because only in this way can we guarantee and strengthen the welfare state."

He ensures that "today in Spain there is more inequality, more poverty, more unemployment and families have fewer opportunities, so today more than ever the most vulnerable must be protected", which is what the PP's proposals focus on.

He highlights the proposals on disability, the elderly and youth, because "young people need greater protection and support for access to the labor market", and calls for a basic law on social services at the national level that guarantees common benefits throughout the national territory and reinforce the templates of social services.

He emphasizes that "equality of opportunity is the great challenge, as is conciliation, which is one of the difficulties families have had in this confinement."

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