The deputies of the VOX Parliamentary Group from the province of Cádiz have brought before the congress a question about various incidents that have taken place in places of worship, and in which agents of the authority have interrupted liturgical celebrations, such as the one that occurred on March 31 in which the Cádiz local police intervened in the Santiago church, evicting the faithful and forcing them to close their doors, or what happened by the national police in the Parish of San Servando and San Germán from the Cadiz neighborhood of La Laguna on April 4, and which have been echoed by different media in the province.

The deputies believe that this could be incurring in an unconstitutional attitude, since the article 16 of the Spanish Constitution guarantees the freedom of worship to individuals and communities, with no more limitation in its manifestations than the maintenance of public order protected by law. In fact, the article 11 of RD 463/2020 of March 14 It allows attendance at places of worship, and at civil and religious ceremonies, including funerals, as long as organizational measures are taken to avoid crowding, depending on the dimensions and characteristics of the places to guarantee the assistants the possibility of maintaining a safety distance of at least one meter.

Augustin Rosety and Carlos Zambrano they consider that breaking into a temple, interrupting with voices a liturgical celebration, could constitute a serious offense to the religious feelings of the citizens gathered to it, unworthy behavior of the Security Forces as planned and, where appropriate, punishable in Article 524 of the Penal Code, which could have been incurred by the local police officers of Cádiz and the national police.

Deputies Rosety and Zambrano, seek to know which authority was the one that proceeded to give those orders in compliance with which the police action took place and what measures the government is going to take to investigate what happened.

These types of situations that we are experiencing at the moment are extremely serious since They could seriously harm public liberties, in particular the religious freedom of citizens, which is constitutionally protected.

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