The deputy of the parliamentary group VOX, Agustín Rosety, has brought to the Congress of Deputies the difficult situation experienced by health officials at the Botafuegos prison in Algeciras.

Rosety has described as inconsistent the fact that the current TPN of the Algeciran prison includes a deputy director and ten doctors, Y that due to causes such as service and promotion commissions to managerial positions of a large part of the doctors, currently only four of them are available, that they must alternate in guards, which causes that only two doctors can attend daily to a mass prison population such as that of Botafuegos.

“The situation of the infirmary of the Botafuegos prison is unsustainable, mainly due to two serious problems, on the one hand the massification of prisoners that affects the Algeciran penitentiary center that currently has 1,315 inmates, of whom 100 are carriers or patients with AIDS, 200 suffer from hepatitis C and another 200 are mentally ill who cannot coexist with the rest of the inmate community of the detention center. On the other hand, there is the low endowment of health personnel, mainly due to how unattractive the public job offers opened by the administration are, mainly due to the low salaries they offer to medical personnel, something that could be seen in the last call for places that have been left unfilled ", Rosety has denounced.

On the other hand, the deputy of the VOX group for Cádiz, also wanted to remember in the explanatory memorandum of the question registered before Congress on March 18, that by decree of 2003 health is a competence transferred to the autonomous community of the Junta de Andalucía and that despite this the SAS does not attend to the group of prisoners, whose records and medical records do not even appear in the database, that is, there is a cut in the inmate's health history, since the medical history of prisons cannot access the medical history and that causes that in registering the new history in the prison takes them around eleven months of waiting. This situation is seriously damaging to the principle of universal health in force in our country.

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