Algeciras, November 17, 2020. Agustín Rosety has denounced that the government of Spain has abandoned the customs surveillance officials of the Gibraltar Region, with the excuse of the lack of budget.

“It is outrageous to see in the terrible conditions that customs officials have to work to combat drug trafficking mafias, and it is more shameful to see how this government prefers to invest money in ideological propaganda and help other groups, instead of betting on the fight against organized crime in Campo de Gibraltar ”, said the VOX deputy.

Augustine Rosety, accompanied by the spokesperson for the Municipal Group in Algeciras, Antonio Gallardo, has had a meeting with AFVA, the newly created association of Campo de Gibraltar customs surveillance officials, has highlighted that the men and women who work in this strategic area in the fight against drug trafficking are the great forgotten by the administration.

For their part, AFVA representatives recalled that a large part of the cocaine that enters Spain is seized in the Campo de Gibraltar, 60% of the hashish that is seized throughout the national territory and more than 50% of the tobacco that sold in establishments is contraband, and in return, officials have vehicles with more than 20 years old, in many cases obsolete that hinder their control and monitoring of actions against the mafias.

The VOX deputy has announced that its Parliamentary Group will request the special singularity also for this group so decisive to combat the illicit actions of the organized mafias that operate in the region.

"We cannot forget that customs surveillance officials work side by side with other State Security Forces and Corps assigned to the Region, such as the National Police and the Civil Guard, although they are" the least known part of the cake and that is why most forgotten ", which generates a large turnover of officials in the area, who, seeing the difficult conditions in which they have to carry out their work and the lack of means, end up requesting transfers as much as possible ”, Agustín Rosety remarked.

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