Cádiz, December 9, 2020. Augustine Rosety wanted to show his discomfort to the Secretary General of Defense, and has described as "nonsense" the budgets presented.

Rosety has warned of the lack of rigor of the forecasts of the Government of Spain and has denounced that the macroeconomic picture presented is not credible, even with an act of faith.

The VOX deputy has warned about the figures of decrease of the Spanish economy that are the basis of the budget report, considering insufficient the figure of a fall in the economy of 11.2% when the Bank of Spain speaks of 12.6% and some economic experts speak that the fall can reach more than 18%.

"And it is no wonder that these experts to those who, surely you have called doomsayers, are right considering that it is Mr. Iglesias who runs the country, "lamented the VOX deputy.

The GPVOX spokesperson in the Defense Commission has accused Esperanza Casteleiro of “cheating solitaire "and" playing with fire " if in the end the forecasts presented due to its financial happiness are not correct and Spain needs to be subjected to a rescue.

The VOX deputy has also warned that the relative combat power of our Armed Forces is deteriorating and has denounced that our Armed Forces lack the necessary resources for their enlistment and support.

To end, Rosety has denounced the lack of budget for ammunition and explosives of the Armyto, as well as, nearly 150,000 expired artifacts found in the warehouse. Faced with this situation, the VOX deputy recalled the risk that it can pose to the safety of the men and women of the Armed Forces, as it already happened in Hoyo de Manzanares when we had to mourn five deaths and seriously injured by using expired grenades.

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