Cádiz, August 24, 2020. The national deputy for Cádiz and Spokesperson in the Defense Commission of Congress, Augustine Rosety, has registered in Congress a Proposition No of Law in which it urges the Government to reactivate the TLET Program for the construction of Ecological and Trivalent Logistics Transport Vessels, in the Navantia shipyards, instead of spend millions of public money in getting a ship secondhand. This ship would replace the units, so far in service, "Martín Posadillo" and "El Camino Español", which will be discharged from the Navy in the near future. VOX considers this operation it would be an absolute waste of public money, “A money that we do not have”, sentence the deputy of VOX by Cádiz.

We are very afraid that the vessel obtained, for a bid amount of 9 million euros, will not meet the most appropriate operational and logistical requirements, will have many years of service and must be reformed to adapt it to the tasks it has to fulfill, causing additional costs. The high opportunity cost of this decision must also be taken into account, since Navantia, with its auxiliary companies and its workers, has been investing many hours of work for more than a year ago in the design of this project, that due to the capacities and high ecological and climatic standards it offers, it could have possibilities in the export market.

For the Vox spokesperson in the Defense Commission, this supposes “a lack of commitment to National Defense, to which the most essential financial resources have been haggling, and, moreover, a new betrayal of the naval industry sector already very punished by the bad management of the Government and by its disastrous political action in the international market ”. “Once again, as we are accustomed to, this government has once again lied to the factory workers in Cadiz, and has once again shown that does not know how to properly manage the money of the Spanish”Lamented the VOX spokesperson in the Defense Commission.

“Instead of putting this patch that supposes the acquisition of obsolete material, the Government should comply with the Navantia Strategic Plan and give a greater workload to the shipyards of the Bay of Cádiz, thus favoring labor interests in a province that, after the difficult situation of the tourism sector due to the pandemic, cannot afford the loss of a single more job, ”says Rosety.

However, “Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias they have no interest in guaranteeing National Defense, or in promoting the industrial fabric, employment and investment in this sector so important for Spain and for our province ”, has criticized Rosety who, in addition, has shown solidarity with the workers of Navantia Puerto Real and with the families of the industrial sector of the Bay, who are living hard times in the face of the uncertainty generated by the lack of work.

"Yet another reason for a motion of censure and, incidentally, to eliminate the positions offered to friends and political clients who do not know how to manage the money that it costs so much effort for Spaniards to earn with their work ", concludes the national deputy of VOX.

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