Cádiz, August 7, 2020. The VOX Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies has presented a Proposition No of Law to promote and defend national olive production and olive oil, as well as the Spanish olive and olive sector.

"The worrying situation of olive oil production in the province of Cádiz deserves urgent measures, our farmers in the Sierra de Cádiz have been generating losses for five campaigns and if we do not put the necessary measures, many jobs can be lost. I work in a province that cannot afford a single more unemployed person ”, he lamented Augustine Rosety.

If we add to this situation, the bad weather in recent years, which has led to a rise in agricultural insurance, unfair competition due to lack of clear legislation on labeling or prices from non-EU countries such as Tunisia or Algeria and the COVID-19 crisis, we are in a position to affirm that the olive sector in Cádiz is condemned to suffer harsh consequences and significant losses if the government of the nation does not take appropriate measures, the GPVOX deputy in Congress has influenced .

Faced with this critical situation, andhe VOX Parliamentary Group in Congress has registered a Non-Law Proposal to urge the government of the PSOE and United We Can to carry out a series of actions that guarantee the future of the sector, how to promote the necessary regulatory modifications that allow establishing that the payment period is set according to the moment in which the producer communicates the liquidation order or, failing that, within a period of more than 30 – 60 days that is imposed in the current drafting of the Food Chain Law. The farmer must be able to enjoy at all times the freedom to sell his production to an oil mill on the terms of his choice.

Furthermore, in the NLP presented by VOX, The government is urged to adopt urgent measures to protect the Spanish olive and olive sector to prevent the loss and decline of this important sector, including new aid to Spanish olive farms and the production of olive oil.

Another aspect requested in the document registered by VOX is the modification of Spanish legislation in order to require the origin and percentage of olive oil on the labeling of the container, even when they are mixed oils of both Community and extra-Community origin, as well as to fix the requirements for the importation of olive oils from third countries identical to those required for Spanish olive products.

"It is the only way to guarantee that our farmers can be competitive, it is not logical that in Spain we ask for strict traceability measures in production and then allow oils that do not pass such rigorous controls to enter our market," lamented Rosety.

"Greater control mechanisms must be put in place to avoid speculation with olive oil, as well as the sale at a loss of this important Spanish product," fact that our olive growers in the Sierra de Cádiz have been suffering for more than five years, since due to production costs they cannot sell the oil below 3 euros / liter and they find that an oil from Tunisia or Algeria is on the market around 2 euros / liter, and the reason is obvious, quality controls and production mechanisms in Spain are much more regulated compared to these emerging countries, but when it comes to reaching the market, both productions compete unequally and we cannot allow this ”.

Campaigns must be launched to raise awareness among citizens of the importance of this great treasure, which is our olive oil, which is the basis of our Mediterranean diet, but unfortunately this government prefers to invest in dividing men and women with their gender advertising campaigns instead of worrying about who gets up early every day to lift the country.

To end, Agustín Rosety recalled that it is essential to develop financial aid aimed at promoting innovation in olive groves in Spain, guaranteeing greater efficiency in production, promoting research and development programs, technological innovation and studies of olive and oil crops. of Spanish olive to help our farmers to be more competitive.

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