Cádiz, October 16, 2020. Agustín Rosety has regretted the terrible figures that the third quarter has produced on the evolution of employment in the primary sector in the province of Cádiz.

"The hiring have been reduced by 18.49% compared to the same period of the previous year, Y job seekers in the sector have increased by more than 30% ”, the VOX deputy has warned.

These data are the worst in the last five years, and analyzing the series that marks the evolution of hiring in the sector, we observe how, since 2015, the number of hiring has been decreasing and the number of jobseekers increasing. This situation is the result of a disastrous policy on agriculture, livestock and fishing that the governments of this country have been carrying out in recent years and that is severely affecting our primary sector, Rosety asserted.

"You just have to go around the province and see what situation our fishermen, farmers and ranchers are in, to know PSOE and United We Can are condemning to their disappearance many small shipowners and producers who are already on the brink of ruin and with the worst possible government”, Has denounced the deputy of VOX.

For Rosety, it is necessary for the Executive to put aside its idea of ​​increasing the tax burden on the primary sector and abandon its servile attitude to the European Union by supporting norms and treaties that are destroying our agriculture, livestock and fishing and urgently implement measures that promote the recovery of a very important sector for the economy of the province of Cádiz.

In this sense, Agustín Rosety recalled that since the European Union allowed citrus imports from South Africa to be sold in Spain in September of last year, the situation has worsened greatly, to the point that towns such as San Martín del Tesorillo are abandoning the cultivation of oranges to test new, more profitable crops that are not affected by unfair treaties of the European Union with third countries that neither comply with the strict phytosanitary controls to which our farmers are subjected, nor do they have to bear the same cost of labor than in Spain.

"Unfortunately, not only the orange producers in San Martín del Tesorillo have these problems, the olive sector of the Sierra de Cádiz, the beekeepers and the fishing sector are also suffering from this unfair situation", lamented the VOX deputy.

Finally, Rosety remarked: “Either we defend our primary sector or this province is going to sink into the swamp of poverty and unemployment more than it already is, then the elections will come and they will promise things that never fulfill. , teasing the people of Cadiz for the umpteenth time ”.

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