Cádiz May 11, 2020. Agustín Rosety has denounced, in a press conference, the extremely serious situation that the Navantia work centers live in the province of Cádiz, especially that of Puerto Real, which currently does not have any orders to build ships in the shipyard and so It only has the production of blocks for corvettes and the completion of wind diversification projects, which is why, at the end of the first quarter of 2021, the Puerto Rican work center would not have orders for the construction of civil or military ships, a fact that Since August 2019, both the VOX parliamentary group and the workers' representatives of the three factories in Cádiz have been denouncing.

Rosety has shown her discomfort at the situation of the industry in the province of Cádiz, a province harshly punished by unemployment, and that now faces a critical situation caused by the pandemic of the COVID-19, and has demanded solutions from the government that guarantee the continuity of the workload in the factories of Cádiz, which have a highly qualified and professionalized staff so that they have the stability that other shipyards already have, such as Ferrol or Cartagena that have contracts until 2030.

"It is not that our group wants to take jobs away from the centers of Ferrol or Cartagena, on the contrary, VOX is committed to the viability of the Navantia project as a leading company and a benchmark in shipbuilding, civil and military construction for which we are going to fight with all our weapons, but there is no doubt that if right now there is a province that really needs the commitment of the nation's government, it is Cádiz ”, Rosety has highlighted.

The VOX deputy stressed that Navantia has been in the red since Zapatero was President of Spain, mainly due to its policy of defense cuts that have left the Spanish shipyards in a very complicated situation. Plus, He had a few words for Marlaska, whom he reminded that in November 2019 when he was, the now Interior Minister, in an electoral campaign, promised the people of Cádiz a workload for the factories ensuring that the PSOE was the only party that could face the great challenges for Spain.

Unfortunately, once again, the PSOE falls short of its commitment to the province and again forgets its electoral promises, Rosety lamented.

To this we must add lto the serious irresponsibility of Pedro Sánchez and his government of communists and philo-etars who have led our country to commit serious diplomatic errors not only with the United States, A NATO ally with whom the government has had particularly tense moments such as those experienced after the temporary withdrawal of the frigate Méndez Núñez from the combat group of the US aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln ordered by the Ministry of Defense in May last year, the inclusion of Pablo Iglesias in the CNI, or the meeting that Minister Ábalos held in Barajas with number 2 of Maduro. But with Saudi Arabia, with whom we have also been on the verge of losing the contract after the appointment of Pablo Iglesias as vice president, due to Iglesias's request to the Prime Minister to terminate arms sales contracts to Saudi Arabia and to present an industrial plan for shipyards to abolish military construction and focus on the civilian sector, as well as the attitude of Bildu after the questions put to the government on the subject of Saudi Arabia.

In another vein, Rosety has warned about the large number of complaints and claims, that the representatives of the workers of all the factories that Navantia has at the national level are raising, about the processes of selection and internal promotion for operators and technical personnel, that they are being described as not very transparent in their realization and that they promote precarious employment through the use of temporary employment agencies, and even hiring by hand behind the back of the works committee, as the works committee denounced last October from the San Fernando factory.

To end, Rosety has shown its total commitment to the industrial sector of the province of Cádiz and has announced that its parliamentary group is working on a draft of measures to incentivize both civil and military workload in factories in the province.

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