Rubén Moreno durante su intervención

The PP senator has stressed that “this virus has shown that the best time to act was yesterday, the second is today, now; and tomorrow is too late ”.

The PP senator for Valencia, Rubén Moreno, has assured today, in the plenary session of the Senate, in a question to the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, that "this virus has shown that the best time to act was yesterday, the second is today now; and tomorrow is too late ”. "Everything seems to indicate that we Spaniards are going to go from that‘ we can ’of Sánchez, to Mr. Sánchez, we can no longer," he added.

The PP senator has indicated that this second wave of Covid 19 began the first week of July, “when Sánchez told us 'we can' get out of this, and he went on vacation; and three months later, Spain six times the limit of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days ”.

In this sense, Rubén Moreno has also stressed that our country quadruples the 3% limit of positivity of the test. "Where is the state surveillance system?" Asked the PP senator, after which he stated "that there has been no alarm, does not mean that the Government is exempt from responsibility. In a pandemic, the exclusive competence is of the Government of Spain, as established by the Public Health Law ”.

The figures referred by Rubén Moreno, show, as the senator has expressed, “that we are not detecting all the positives, that the second wave of COVID is completely out of control (according to WHO criteria), and that The EU is going to classify us as the country with the highest risk to travel; not to Madrid, but also to all of Spain ”.

Throughout his question, Moreno has stated that "the Government should know that the diagnosis and follow-up of positives are far from optimal", and that "the tracking system is deficient or very deficient in some cases, including an implantation of the Radar-COVID System that, as the Government has not made it imperative for the Autonomous Communities, either do not use it decisively and immediately, or simply do not use it ”.

Thus, Rubén Moreno has regretted that the result of all this is that "more than 43% of those infected, in some Autonomous Communities more than 80%, the origin of the contagion is unknown". “If this happens in September, we can imagine what it will be like in October or November, when mortality will be the highest; We have a new window of opportunity that is already closing, and the Government cannot remain on the sidelines ”, the PP senator has emphatically said.


In this sense, Moreno has indicated that the Government has to carry out actions such as “vaccinating the entire population against the flu, not only the at-risk population, as has been decided; stock up on test and protective equipment; be very agile in diagnosing those infected and tracking their contacts; and continue instructing the population in hygiene measures as if their life depended on it, because it suits them ”.

Likewise, it has indicated that the Government must “provide the State with a different legal instrument from the state of alarm, because it will need it, and accompany the Autonomous Communities in this, because the National Health System is one, and his head too ”.

To conclude, Rubén Moreno assured that "we think of the tens of thousands of families who have lost someone in this pandemic, but sadly, many more will follow, and we must do everything possible to avoid it."

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