The VOX deputy for Malaga and spokesperson in the Tourism Commission, Patricia wheel, has denounced today in the Permanent Deputation of Congress the situation that the tourism sector is going through, and has emphasized the state in which this activity is located in Malaga.

The deputy has denounced that Malaga professionals have told her that "They do not know if they will die from the Coronavirus, but they are sure that they will starve." In addition, he has brought to Congress a complaint from a national representative of nightlife, who has denounced thate "they don't let them work".

"I come from a land that has tourism as its main source of income", The deputy has claimed, who has reproached the Executive that the Parliamentary Group VOX, among its almost 6,000 initiatives, proposed "PCR, stimulus plans, it is in the almost 6000 registered initiatives."

"Self-employed and entrepreneurs without income required to pay bills and taxes, how much do you think they will be able to bear it?" Asked the deputy, who recalled that "they have no savings left and they cannot borrow more." "Many of them have had to invest in material and 15 days later they have been forced to close," he added.

Consequences of government management

On the contrary, the deputy has reproached the consequences of the Government's management: "Restrictions and recommendations from other countries not to travel to Spain, the lack of foresight, a Tourism Plan that has arrived late and badly, ERTEs still uncharged or the bad image of Spain abroad ”. For this reason, the deputy has claimed that both Reyes Maroto and Arancha González Laya have to give explanations in the Congress of Deputies.

“The Foreign Minister has to explain how 85% of the countries recognized by the UN have established restrictions on travelers from Spain. Perhaps he should stop meeting with representatives of Gibraltar, focus on improving Spain's image abroad, establishing alliances and getting good headlines in foreign media to build trust, ”Rueda assured.

"There are reasons for the Censorship Motion, and many: all those who want to continue working in their sector, who want to live in freedom, without coming to close their businesses, take away their jobs, prohibit smoking or tell them how to live", has pointed out the Malaga deputy.

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