Malaga, December 1, 2020.- The VOX deputy for Malaga and spokesperson in the Tourism Commission in Congress, Patricia Rueda, has registered, together with other National deputies, a Proposal No of Law relative to promoting tourism of meetings, incentives, congresses and exhibitions (MICE, for its acronym in English). On this sector, he explained, "thousands of families from Malaga depend."
In his explanatory memorandum, he recalls that this niche in the tourism sector is "a source of profit" because other sectors depend on it. Thus, Rueda cites "travel agencies, hoteliers and hoteliers, taxi drivers and bus drivers and VTCS, among others, which helps to boost the economy of our city."
Malaga also, explains the deputy, «offers easy connection, fantastic hotels, the Trade Fair and Congress Center, our Malaga culture and gastronomy, and sports and cultural facilities to provide the best experience for this type of tourist, who, on average, spend more ».
In addition, Rueda points out that this type of tourism "promotes the image of the city", which means that many of these tourists later return to the city to enjoy their vacations. In addition, "it mitigates seasonality", recalls the deputy, which is one of the factors that affects tourism in Malaga.
Therefore, Proposition No of Law urges the Government to:
  • Promote the approval of fiscal measures favorable to so-called MICE tourism.
  • Promote public-private collaboration for the celebration of MICE tourism activities.
  • Promote the holding of MICE events by public administrations to promote an image of trust in Spain, applying health protocols.
  • Create advertising campaigns and expand existing ones that offer an attractive image of Spain for holding MICE events. The variety of the offer, adaptability, communications, infrastructures, sustainability and breadth of related services should be emphasized.
  • To promote, through Turespaña, the drafting of adapted informative offers in collaboration with the competent local administrations, seeking to promote the promotion of cities throughout the Spanish territory.
  • Promote the carrying out, through the INE, of periodic studies on this type of tourism, in order to properly analyze the sector and adopt the necessary measures to promote it.
  • Apply a reduced rate of 4% to tourist VAT, hospitality services, the nightlife sector, the MICE sector and the entrance to cultural shows.
  • Modify the entry limitation for all passengers from a country or risk zone.

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