Pablo Ruz durante su intervención.

The popular senator affirms that "we have to guarantee equal opportunities in the access and admission of all students to the Spanish University System"

The spokesperson for Education of the Popular Group in the Senate and senator for Alicante, Pablo Ruz, has demanded that the Government implement a single Baccalaureate Assessment and University Access (EBAU) test throughout the Spanish territory.

This has been claimed by the popular spokesman to the Executive, during the debate of a motion of the PP in the Commission of Education and Professional Training of the Senate, because, in his opinion, "we have to guarantee equal opportunities in the access and admission of all students to the Spanish University System, regardless of the place where they take the test ”.

During his intervention in the aforementioned Commission, Pablo Ruz recalled that “although currently the entire Spanish territory is considered the sole university district for access to a place for any Degree, the access exam to these places is carried out independently in each Community Autonomous, the test being different in content and date ”.

A PP spokesperson has stated that "it does not seem reasonable that the students who are going to access the University do so with grades that have not been obtained under the same criteria, because this makes access unfair and, potentially, discriminatory."

As he explained, "the origin of this incoherence is to have erroneously assumed that education is a competence of the Autonomous Communities, when it is a national competence, although it is transferred in its management to the Communities" and has added, that the result of that confusion "is born the chaos in which our national educational system has become."

“An Education that promotes training, talent and justice can never be synonymous with inequality, imbalance or difference in access to opportunities. The current PAU test model enshrines this inequality between territories, forgetting that the national territory itself is the only district in its university environment ”, he denounced.

Thus, Pablo Ruz has given as an example the paradox that a student from Orihuela, in Alicante, examines different contents in the common and optional subjects that a student of the same course will have to address in a municipality adjacent to his, like Beniel, from the Region of Murcia, but separated from Orihuela by a street.

In this sense, he explained that, if we compare a PAU test exam of History of Spain in the Valencian Community, with one of the same subject in Murcia, the differences are substantial. “Although theoretically the syllabus of the subject is the same, the following circumstance occurs: in Murcia a student can be asked about any period of Spanish history, from prehistory to the transition. However, in the Valencian Community only the 19th century will appear as content in option A and the 20th century in option B ”.

For this reason, Ruz has pointed out that “while a student from Elche may be asked about Carlos IV, Godoy, Fernando VII, Isabel II, Constitutions, Restoration, Republic or Civil War; One from Beniel or Cartagena can also be asked about the Reconquest, the Punic Wars or the Visigoths. Anyway, a real madness ”, he remarked.

“Do we not assume that we are imposing an absurd system on our students, on young people who want to write and undertake a professional project that fills them with hope? What is the point of continuing to exalt the difference in an open, fast-paced and dizzying world like ours? ”Asked the popular senator.

Finally, the GPP Education spokesman has called for "a constructive policy, to stop looking at our navel and to focus our desire on the particular, on the different."

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