Starting today, billboards with the new VOX motto can be seen in all corners of the Murcia Region: "Safe borders, safe neighborhoods."

VOX does not stand idly by in the face of the avalanche of illegals that has reached the Spanish coasts: 22,000 irregular immigrants have entered our country in ten months, of which more than 2,000 have entered this summer through the Murcian coasts and more than 200 all the weeks.

The president of VOX Murcia, José Ángel Antelo, points out that this invasion is aggravated by the current extreme pandemic situation, "being the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias the only culprit, since far from stopping this avalanche they produce an irresponsible call effect that benefits the mafias."

Further, the national deputy Lourdes Méndez has intervened in Congress reproaching Rafael Pérez, Secretary of the Interior, the fact that there have been “12 policemen to control 400 immigrants or two Civil Guards with two Sworn Guards and 100 of them, is unsustainable since the templates who receive immigration are at the limit of their physical and mental capacity. Furthermore, all this causes leaving without resources and without units to maintain security and order throughout the territory.

The VOX billboards are also displayed from the Official Headquarters of VOX Murcia (Plaza Circular) and give voice to the problem of immigration of which the social-communist government is an accomplice, allowing the Immigration Law not to be complied with. Along these lines, Antelo affirms that they are responsible "for putting the health and safety of our FFCCSE and all Spaniards at risk", the president concluded.

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