La senadora del GPP por Navarra, Amelia Salanueva

The senator of the GPP for Navarra calls on the socialists to "return to constitutionalism and stop giving wings to the radicals who want to destroy Spain"

Amelia Salanueva, senator of the Popular Group for Navarra, has criticized, during the debate of a motion of the PP in defense of the State institutions, the "collusion" of President Sánchez and his Government "with those who want to break the institutional order."

"Rectify, return to constitutionalism and renounce the model of power for power and stop giving wings to radical formations, whose maximum aspiration is to destroy Spain," he told the socialist bench.

Salanueva has assured that the Government "confuses" the term coexistence with collusion. "Collusion with those who want to break our constitutional order, thus undermining the progress of Spain", insisted the senator, who has defended the Constitution of 78 as "the ideal framework to continue growing as a country and to build the future of Spain."

During her speech at the Senate Plenary, the popular senator described the Spanish transition as "exemplary" and assured that it was "a pact of the Spanish for reconciliation, coexistence and harmony, which gave stability to the lives of all the citizens.

Likewise, Salanueva recalled that the Magna Carta “enshrined the social and democratic State of Law; the Parliamentary Monarchy as a political form of the State, the separation of powers and the State of the Autonomies "and has said that" the catalog of rights it contains is one of the most modern and complete in Europe. "

"The validity of our Constitution – he stressed – is a guarantee against radicalism, populism and separatism and, therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to make a firm, clear and resounding defense against the attacks of the current Government of the PSOE and Podemos to the institutions of the State ”.


For this reason, the PP senator for Navarra has reproached the 2nd vice president, Pablo Iglesias, for criticizing the judges and the impartiality of the Judiciary; that the King be prevented from going to Barcelona to deliver dispatches to the new judges; or that a minister accuses the Head of State of engaging in politics and maneuvering against the Government.

In this sense, Salanueva has denounced the "campaign of demonstrations organized by Podemos to overthrow the Monarchy and the 78 Regime" and has reproached the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, "not to ugly" these behaviors of members of his Executive, as if They have made prominent socialists, such as Felipe González, Rodríguez Ibarra, Javier Lambán or Joaquín Leguina.

Likewise, he has accused Sánchez of trying to "bypass the Constitution to reform the Law on the election of the General Council of the Judiciary and of" attacking the waterline of the separation of powers, with the appointment of a former minister as State Attorney General ”.

He has also referred to the Government's claim to modify the crimes of sedition, its intention to grant pardons to those convicted of the process, as well as its commitment to a dialogue table with those who want to break our constitutional model, or the rapprochement of prisoners ETA members to the prisons of the Basque Country and Navarra in exchange for parliamentary support.

Finally, Amelia Salanueva has affirmed that "the radicalism of the Government is evidence and its attacks on the Constitution and the institutions that sustain and embody our democratic State are not inventions of the PP."

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