La senadora del Partido Popular, Amelia Salanueva

• "They have prioritized ideology over management and have taken advantage of the alarm to advance their social and political model" Senator Amelia Salanueva has launched

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Constitutional Commission and senator for Navarra, Amelia Salanueva, has stated forcefully that "more and better democracy requires more transparency and more rights, even more so with a state of alarm in force", and has accused the Government having "prioritized ideology over management, they have taken advantage of the alarm to advance their social and political model".

The first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, has appeared before the Constitutional Commission of the Senate to report on various issues related to her Department.

The popular senator has focused her intervention on the COVID-19 pandemic and the alarm state extended for the third time. According to Senator Salanueva,
Experts in Constitutional Law have expressed their concern about the government's overreach in the application of the state of alarm, with measures more typical of a state of emergency.

Salanueva has assured that several experts question as unconstitutional the suspension of the fundamental right to freedom of movement of people; and that the state of alarm suspend the operation of the powers of the State (Government, Parliament, Courts).

In this relationship, Salanueva has also referred to the control of RTVE, the right to religious freedom or "government obstacles to the exercise of freedom of the press and information", as well as the suspension, in his opinion, of the right to meeting and demonstration or the right to freedom to create and maintain companies and collective bargaining in labor relations.

In the opinion of the senator from Navarra, “using geolocation systems with people to control infections and control of social networks that the Government is considering, affect the right to privacy, which could be suspended, and which clearly it exceeds the powers that the Constitution and the laws confer on the government in a state of alarm ”.

"They have taken advantage of the health crisis to put Pablo Iglesias in the CNI, to activate euthanasia, to modify the LOE, allow him to register under a bridge or in an occupied house," Amelia Salanueva reminded him. "They have allowed insults by the government to the King and have left doubts about the parliamentary monarchy, and he has remembered the 24 appointments of senior officials in the Council of Ministers at a cost, according to the senator, of 2.5 million euros a year, "The government placement agency has worked," he has sentenced.

Salanueva has affirmed that "they have prioritized ideology over management and have taken advantage of the alarm situation to advance their social and political model, with measures that have nothing to do with the pandemic, with saving lives, with avoiding a deep economic crisis "

Finally, the popular senator has ironically advised the vice president that "if you want to sleep at night, Mrs. Calvo, stop the insults and accept
our proposals. I guarantee that we will all live better. You, because they will have the solutions they need and cannot find. And we, because we will do what we are prepared for ”.

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