Enrollments of passenger cars and SUVs in the month of June decreased by 8.3% compared to the same period last year, until the 130,519 units, with one working day less than in June 2018. June sales have not been able to exceed May registrations, although, traditionally, this is a very positive month for vehicle deliveries in all channels. In fact, it is the worst June since 2015. In the first half of the year, deliveries of cars and SUVs fall 5.7%, up to 692,472 units.

The sales in the channel of individuals deepen their downward trend, with a decline in 18% and 50,408 units. Enrollments in this channel do not grow in any Autonomous Community, registering double-digit falls in virtually all of them. It is the tenth consecutive month that the commercializations in this channel fall. In the accumulated of the year, deliveries to individuals have fallen 12.3%, up to 295,445 units.

Only the rental channel remains positive, with a 5% increase in the month of June, to 40,972 units. The channel Business falls also in the sixth month of the year with 39,139 registered units, which means a reduction of 6.8% Respect to the same month of previously year.


In June, they have enrolled 20,202 light commercial vehicles. It represents a fall of 4.6% commercialization compared to the same month last year. They repeat fall in the year, with the channel of companies as the main cause of this decline, with a decrease of 12%. In the first six months, they recorded a growth of 2.3%, with 115,762 units.


The registrations of industrial vehicles, buses, coaches and minibuses have registered, after months of falls, an increase in the month of June of 37%, with 3.015 units. This figure means that, in the accumulated of the year, sales of these vehicles have returned to positive figures, with an increase of 4.6% and 14,626 units.

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