La senadora del Partido Popular, Salomé Pradas

The GPP general secretary affirms that the Government of Pedro Sánchez "lies about the data of those infected and victims of the coronavirus"

The general secretary of the Popular Group and senator for Castellón, Salomé Pradas, has accused the Government of Pedro Sánchez "of lying blatantly" to the Spanish about the performance of the tests. "Neither massive tests, nor to all people with symptoms," denounced the popular senator.

During the control session to the Government held this afternoon, Pradas stated that despite being already on April 21 "the tests are not being carried out on all people with symptoms: Neither the restrooms nor the nursing homes, Neither the police nor the workers. "

In addition, the GPP general secretary has assured that the Pedro Sánchez government "lies about the data of those infected and victims of the coronavirus" and has reproached the Executive for not having acted in time and not doing the tests they promised a few weeks ago.

According to the senator of the Popular Party, "the Government, in addition to systematically lying to us, acts negligently and incompetently, because they have missed the opportunity to buy tests from Spanish laboratories."

"They make us Spaniards go through the embarrassment of the fiasco of their purchases from China, with more than 640,000 defective tests acquired from the Asian country and the acquisition of fake masks," he reproached the Minister of Health.

For this reason, Salomé Pradas has asked the person in charge of Health "what was and who was behind the purchase" and has pointed out that his political training "will go to the end of the matter to know the whole truth."

"The Government is failing in the health management of this pandemic and in the operation of the single command. They have failed the Spanish when we have needed them the most ”, he pointed out. For this reason, Salomé Pradas has called for a government "serious, rigorous and that does not lie."

Likewise, the popular secretary general in the Senate has highlighted "the negligence" of the Sánchez government for allowing thousands of Spaniards to return to their jobs without previously doing the Covid tests19.

Given this situation, Pradas has demanded that the Minister of Health explain when the massive coronavirus detection tests will arrive to the population and recalled that "since my party wants the best for the Spanish, Pablo Casado has already demanded, from the start of the pandemic, massive tests. Do test, test and more test ”, he insisted.

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