La secretaria general del GPP en el Senado, Salomé Pradas

The Plan of the PP Activamos España, proposes to extend the ERTE until December, with special attention to the hotel, tourism, commerce and industry

"The governments of the change when they have to apply effective measures, they take hold of those of the PP" Salomé Pradas has launched to the Minister of Labor. "Expand the staff in the SEPE, strengthen management and pay the ERTE now," asked the Minister of Labor.

The GPP general secretary and senator for Castellón, asked the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, during the control session of the Government in the Senate, if he was willing to accept the PP proposal, contained in the Plan Activamos España, to extend ERTE until the end of the year, with special attention to hospitality, tourism, commerce and industry.

Salomé Pradas, has reminded the minister that the governments of change have to apply, at the moment of truth, effective measures that they copy from the PP, referring to the ERTE, a procedure that was incorporated in the 2012 labor reform and that helped save thousands of jobs.

"The ERTE, in addition to applying them, have to be paid", said Salomé Pradas and made Minister Díaz ugly that, to this day, thousands of people affected by an ERTE singuen without charging, "there are real dramas", and she asked "If this is the social shield that you promised" and, if with this background, "they want us to believe that they are going to pay the minimum vital income" when they do not even have the ERTE to pay ".

"We must act now", she has asked the government, since many sectors will not recover their normal activity, according to the senator, once the state of alarm ends, "this one that they want to extend for another month, in true Bolivarian style," insured Salomé Pradas.


The senator from Castellón has insisted that you have to be next to the employers and the self-employed, because, in her opinion, it is to be next to the workers. And yet, "the government attacks the businessmen, and you – targeting the minister – have criminalized the farmers, have treated them as slavers, just those who have been at the foot of the canyon in the worst moments." Pradas has insisted on extending the ERTE beyond June, as the PP proposes, "because the labor market needs certainty."

“Expand the workforce at SEPEs, strengthen management, do whatever it takes and pay ERTEs now; extend the ERTE until December, only in this way can Spain be saved from the catastrophe ”, Salomé Pradas has concluded

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