La secretaria general del GPP en el Senado, Salomé Pradas

He qualifies as "despicable" that the government "believed that 'we came out stronger', when in Spain there are more than 53,000 deaths from the pandemic"

The Secretary General of the Popular Group and senator for Castellón, Salomé Pradas, has affirmed that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, "is more than reviewing the past to cover his negligent management of the present", alluding to the COVID-19 pandemic .

This is how Pradas expressed himself during the control session held this afternoon in the Senate, where he asked the 1st Vice President, Carmen Calvo, about the status of the legal reforms to face the outbreaks, as Calvo announced in the Constitutional Commission last May.

The general secretary of the GPP has reproached the Government for "worrying so much about the past and not attending to the millions of Spaniards who today are having a hard time", such as those infected by COVID, those affected by ERTEs, or the self-employed who are in danger their business.

In addition, Pradas has described as "despicable" that the Government "believed that" we came out stronger, "when in Spain there are more than 53,000 deaths from the pandemic. "We have not come out of this pandemic, indeed, we are in the second wave," he said.

Likewise, he has reproached Vice President Calvo that "while the outbreaks were multiplying in August, you were peacefully on vacation and when you returned, you did nothing, washed your hands and looked the other way."

"Do not derive responsibilities towards the Autonomous Communities. The maximum responsibility in the event of a pandemic lies with the Government of Spain according to current legislation," the PP senator reprimanded the first vice president, while asking about the legislative reforms to those that she promised months ago: "May, June, July, August and September have passed and we don't know anything, where are those reforms, Mrs. Calvo?"

During his intervention in the control session, Pradas recalled that his party has requested a joint Congress-Senate Investigation Commission on the government's management of the pandemic because, in his opinion, “there is much to review: Masks and fake tests, lack of control in the number of infected and deceased and lack of coordination with the Autonomous Communities "

"As you have done everything well and are transparent, you will have no problem in being accountable to the Cortes Generales," pointed out the general secretary of the GPP, while ensuring that the PP "cares about the present," so he has extended a hand to the Government "to face the challenges of the future."

Finally, Salomé Pradas has thrown him in face of "the shameful words" of Sánchez when he deeply regretted the death of an ETA member who supported the commander who "executed our colleague Miguel Ángel Blanco. This makes me think that they have already chosen their fellow travelers ”.

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