Jaén May 12, 2020. The most sectarian and extremist left has shown its true intentions today in the commission by asking the government team that if VOX does not sign its proposals, it be removed from any type of meeting or negotiation.

The events have occurred in the reactivation commission that analyzed the proposals that the different formations with representation in the municipal plenary session have contributed to alleviate the crisis of COVID-19 in the city, when Salud Anguita has made clear its position requesting that the proposals be analyze and vote individually in an extraordinary plenary session and not through a consensus document as proposed by Adelante Jaén.

The reason for rejecting this document is none other than to guarantee to the public that the measures being carried out are real and effective proposals to help Jaennes overcome this difficult situation and prevent many of these from being empty proposals. content that does not provide solutions to citizens.

In addition, Anguita has ensured that his training cannot vote in favor of ideas that are totally against the ideology of VOX and has once again stressed the need for any type of debate to be carried out with light and stenographers in a plenary session facing the public .

It was then, when in the most authoritarian style, typical of countries like Venezuela or Colombia, Lucía Real, spokesperson for the far-left municipal group, Adelante Jaén, tried to make a dirty move to silence VOX in the Jaén city council, through a proposal that was intended to force the municipal VOX group to enter through the ring of what was proposed by the extreme left group under threat of excluding it from any type of meeting or negotiation.

It is not the first time that Adelante Jaén lacks respect for VOX, since in the last municipal plenary session held on April 29, we could hear how the councilor of the purple formation affirmed that “not even a minute to fascism” after the end of the shift by word of mouth of the municipal group in the city of Jaén to present the measures to boost VOX to the city.

From VOX we appreciate that the government team has not been duped by the proposal of the extreme left that would have meant a serious attack on the rights and freedom of our political group in the exercise of its municipal activity.

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