Jaén, August 5, 2020. Salud Anguita and the provincial team of VOX in Jaén have held a working meeting with the president of AVAPA Antonio Figueroa and his secretary Diego Amezcua, to discuss the different issues that plague the sector and that they are leading in the words of their president “to a extreme and disastrous situation for many families ”.

Antonio Figueroa has transferred to Salud Anguita, the main problems of a sector that only in the province of Jaén has four thousand street vendors, with 103 markets and five thousand two hundred stalls. A sector continues, which has been displaced from any kind of help or support from the institutions in the face of repeated requests for help and little or no fortune that these claims have had.

On the other hand, the president of AVAPA has regretted that measures such as ICO loans have not been a solution to their problems because they have not been accepted for fear of not being able to pay them in the future due to the growing fear of future outbreaks and the vision that The sector has a lack of support from the Junta de Andalucía and the central government.
Lack of support points out, which translates into losses of 70% in the sector and that almost 80% of colleagues have had to go to Cáritas or the Red Cross to be able to survive.

Anguita Health has shown them the most unanimous support of the municipal group VOX and he has reiterated that from this group proposals for financial aid and incentives have been sent to merchants in Jaén that have had no reception from the City Council.

Anguita has lamented a lack of sensitivity shown by the authorities to help to overcome an economic sector such as street vending that could well be described as historical and that feeds many families and that contributes with its fees to the functioning of municipalities .

During the meeting, the laziness or lack of interest of local administrations was also discussed, as in the case of the Jaén city council, when studying extensions or revision of rates due to the lack or decrease of the activity that have come supporting as established by Law 8/1989 of April 13 on public rates and prices, in which its article 12 expressly establishes that “the tax that may have been demanded will be returned when the taxable event is not carried out for causes not attributable to the taxpayer ”.

The provincial president of VOX in Jaén has also conveyed to the representatives of this group the necessary and urgent meeting with our parliamentarians Benito Morillo and Manuel Gavira, the latter who chairs the Andalusian Economic and Social Reconstruction Commission, within the framework of sending these proposals directly to the Junta de Andalucía and they are taken into account in such an important commission.

The President accepts this proposal and appreciates the great work of the Municipal VOX Group for the help and interest shown in this group and its problems. Reiterating that they will attend said meeting to address directly with the representatives of this group all these problems and thus be able to alleviate as much as possible the consequences of the terrible situation in which they find themselves

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