Salvador Illa announces an extraordinary meeting of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System

The minister has made this announcement following the regular meeting of the Coronavirus Monitoring and Evaluation Committee. Also, this afternoon, a meeting of the European Center for Disease Control in which criteria will be unified with the countries of the European Union. "It is important to coordinate with the autonomous communities and at European level and strengthen awareness and early detection measures," said the minister.

Illa has also reported that, since yesterday, 9 possible cases have been evaluated in Spain, 6 of which have been ruled out and 3 are under study. Therefore, "at this time there is no confirmed case of coronavirus in our country."

The Minister of Health has conveyed a message of tranquility and confidence in the National Health System and its professionals and recalled that work continues under the four criteria initially set: daily monitoring of the situation, making decisions based on scientific evidence, coordination with the autonomous communities and Europe and total information transparency.

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