Salvador Illa announces new measures to relax national restrictions in application of the Plan for the Transition towards a New Normality

These measures, which correspond to the progress of territorial units to phase 1, phase 2 and the easing of phase 0, will be published in the next few hours in the Official State Gazette, by ministerial order, together with the application territories ( attached).

Thus, next Monday, the islands of Formentera and Cabrera (Balearic Islands) and those of La Graciosa, El Hierro and La Graciosa (Canary Islands) will pass to phase 2.

For its part, the provinces of Malaga and Granada pass to phase 1, so that Andalusia will have all its territory already at this level, as well as Castilla La Mancha with the progress of Toledo, Ciudad Real and Albacete.

The Valencian Community will also have all its provinces in phase 1 on Monday.

In Castilla y León a total of 42 basic health zones advance to phase 1, while in Catalonia the health zones of Central Catalonia, Girona, Lleida and Alt Penedés i Garraf will do so.

Thus, about 70% of the Spanish population (32 million people) has been in phase 1 since Monday and 30% (14 million) remain in a flexible phase 0. 45,000 citizens progress to phase 2.


During this week, Minister Salvador Illa has continued to hold bilateral meetings with the directors of the autonomous communities, according to the established co-governance procedure. Requests have continued to be received from the territories to move to new phases, which have been analyzed by the Public Health teams of the Ministry of Health in permanent contact with the technical teams of the Autonomous Communities. "Every step we take is a safe step, guided by that knowledge that Science is providing us and with criteria of maximum prudence," said Minister Illa at a press conference.

Phase 0 easing

The ministerial order that will be published tomorrow and that will come into force next Monday, May 18 counts as a novelty with the flexibility of phase 0 in various areas. Thus, in areas that remain in phase 0, commercial premises and establishments with less than 400m2 may open without an appointment for individual customer service. The places of religious worship will have a limitation of a third of the capacity, while in the wake the limitation will be 10 people. In the field of professional and federated sport, individual, basic and medium training may be carried out, together with the opening of high-performance centers that must apply reinforced protection and hygiene measures.

To these measures are added others linked to education and universities, science in innovation and cultural activities, developed in the order that will be published tomorrow.

Territories that pass to phase 1

  • Andalusia: Malaga and Granada.
  • Castilla-La Mancha: Toledo, Ciudad Real and Albacete.
  • Castilla y León: The basic health areas of Mombeltrán (Ávila), San Pedro Arroyo (Ávila), Huerta de Rey (Burgos), Melgar Fernamental (Burgos), Valle Tobalina (Burgos), Valle Valdebezana (Burgos), Calzada Valdunciel ( Salamanca), Cantalapiedra (Salamanca), Fuentes de Oñoro (Salamanca), Matilla Caños (Salamanca), Sepúlveda (Segovia) Mota del Marqués (Valladolid), Villafrechos (Valladolid), Villalón de Campos (Valladolid), Madrigal de las Altas Torres ( Ávila), Roa de Duero (Burgos), Mansilla Mulas (León), Sahagún Campos (León), Valderas (León) Bembibre (El Bierzo), Cacabelos (El Bierzo), Fabero (El Bierzo), Domingo Flórez Bridge (El Bierzo ), Ponferrada I (El Bierzo), Ponferrada II (El Bierzo), Ponferrada III (El Bierzo), Ponferrada IV (El Bierzo), Toreno (El Bierzo), Villablino (El Bierzo), Villafranca Bierzo (El Bierzo), Cervera Pisuerga (Palencia), Guardo (Palencia), Paredes de Nava (Palencia), Villamuriel de Cerrato (Palencia), Fuenteguinaldo (Salamanca), Peñaranda ( Salamanca), Navafría (Segovia), Berlanga de Duero (Soria), Olvega (Soria), Camarzana de Tera (Zamora), Villarrín (Zamora) and Mombuey (Zamora).
  • Catalonia: the health areas of Central Catalonia, Girona, Lleida and Alt Penedés i Garraf.
  • Valencian Community: provinces of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia.

Territories that go to phase 2

  • Canary Islands: La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa.
  • Balearic Islands: Formentera.

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