Salvador Illa announces the convening of an Interterritorial Council to address the situation of the coronavirus

The minister explained that today the round of contacts with the counselors begins to summon them. Within the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System, "I will propose to work," he explained, in the same line that is already being done in our country since the first case of coronavirus was detected in China.

Salvador Illa has chaired today the coronavirus ministerial evaluation and monitoring group, which will meet again tomorrow.

The Ministry of Health is in permanent coordination with the authorities of the European Union from the outset. "We do daily follow-ups and act," explained Salvador Illa.

Illa has reiterated the message of tranquility to citizens and insisted that public health is prepared to face any eventuality that may occur: "I want to convey a message of confidence in the National Health System, we always said there could be cases ".

Yesterday, after ten o'clock at night, the National Center for Microbiology confirmed a case of coronavirus in Spain, specifically that of a German citizen who is currently isolated in a hospital in La Gomera. It is part of a group of five other people who are also isolated and taken care of. "We have just spoken with the Canary Islands and all are well," said the director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, Fernando Simón. There are currently no other cases under study.

Spain has transferred the information on this case to its German counterparts. "The group that is isolated in La Gomera is being monitored and the means of transport they used to reach the island are also analyzed."

On the other hand, returnees who arrived in Madrid yesterday from Wuhan still have no symptoms and are in quarantine at the Gómez Ulla Hospital in Madrid.

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