Salvador Illa says that the health profession is "essential to face the important challenges" of the National Health System

In his speech at the centenary of the General Council of Official Medical Associations (CGCOM), Illa has cited among these challenges "advancing and continuing to place people at the center of the National Health System; aging, chronicity and depopulation; continue training, developing and increasing the ability to retain excellent professionals, paying maximum attention to their career; carry out the digitalization of the system, incorporating innovation in an agile and effective way and, at the same time, maintain its efficiency and sustainability. "

To this end, the minister has stressed that his purpose is to address these challenges "seeking the contribution of all parties and actors involved, autonomous communities, political and medical forces, nurses and other health professions, patients and system providers" . And he added: "It is everyone's task, in which Spanish doctors are absolutely necessary and essential."

Illa recalled that Spain has a National Health System that presents levels of excellence in the services it provides, enjoys wide recognition at European and international level and is organized with criteria of equity and equality. "Much of this success is due to the rigorous work of our professionals and, especially, of our doctors."

In this same line Salvador Illa has stressed that "patients expect doctors to be technically competent, frank and open, honest and truthful, and to show respect in personal treatment, qualities that make them creditors of trust, prestige and social consideration" . A reflection of this – the minister recalled – was the initiative to promote the declaration of the doctor-patient relationship as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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