Salvador Illa: "The objective this week is to consolidate the slowdown of COVID-19"

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, assured at a press conference, together with the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Luis Ábalos, that this week's objective is to consolidate the slowdown process into which the evolution of COVID has entered -19. Thus, he recalled that from the first day in which the State of Alarm was decreed, on March 14, there has been an increase in cases of 22% to 3% today. "The measures that the government has taken have worked and have benefited all Spaniards," he said.

Along these lines, Illa recalled that "we are facing the greatest health emergency in a hundred years and we have been the first country in Europe to enact a state of alarm." In addition, it has taken stock, underlining that material purchases have been made for an amount of 845 million euros and that 34 orders and instructions have been issued in four areas.

The Minister of Health has referred to a first block of measures aimed at reinforcing the National System in which he has mentioned the provision to the Health Councilors of the autonomous communities of private health in a complementary way to public centers, thus as well as 70,000 health professionals from different areas and hotel facilities to expand healthcare capacity or serve as logistical support.

In the supply of materials, the Minister of Health has stated that purchases have been made for an amount of 845 million euros and stressed: "Work has been carried out to activate national production and we have achieved to date a regular and permanent supply of three types of products: personal protective equipment, mechanical ventilation equipment and tests. " Regarding the first, Salvador Illa has reported that an agreement has been reached with a national company to manufacture 60 million masks over six months. And in mechanical ventilation equipment it has been possible to go from manufacturing 10-15 respirators / day to 100 units / day with the company Hersill.

Regarding the tests, Illa has emphasized that the main objective currently being worked on is in the national manufacture of extraction kits. In addition, he explained that PCR is the most reliable test and rapid tests are complementary. "They're distributing a million tests to all the autonomous communities between yesterday and today. With this, the PCR that can be performed will be increased by between 30 and 40% since the rapid tests that give a positive result will no longer have to be PCR, "he indicated.

Initiatives have also been developed in the field of information systems, essential for decision-making and providing information to citizens, although he stressed that "we are in permanent improvement".

The Minister of Health has made special reference to nursing homes, a fragile sector of the population in which initiatives have been carried out from the outset. Thus, on March 5, a protocol was established with all the Autonomous Communities, followed by three instructions that these private companies have placed at the service of the public authority.

Regarding the de-escalation stage, Salvador Illa explained that the Government is working from four areas: prudence, the available scientific evidence, respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens, and anticipating future scenarios.

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