Casado Holders in Cope

  • Explain that right now the PP and the PSOE are in a technical tie, "either wins the PP or wins the PSOE" and warns that "all the balls that go to another team, can be a goal in their own goal."
  • He points out that, despite the differences between the PP and the policies of Citizens and Vox, "we are joined by a plan of economic shock and the defense of national unity." "We agree that we play the continuity of Spain and the constitutional order," he says.
  • He affirms that "the PP does not want to be like Vox and Citizens, but it is the genuine party." "We are not the same, it is they who imitate the PP, which is the common house of the center right since the year 89."
  • "Sanchez is a castaway and his government is the Titanic with the orchestra playing, his only salvation table may be Vox and Citizens, that is, the fragmentation of the center-right vote."
  • It promises to present itself to the investiture if the PP takes a seat more than the PSOE. “If you vote for Citizens you are voting for Rivera and if you vote for Vox you are voting for Abascal, but if you vote for the PP, you are taking Pedro Sánchez from La Moncloa on the same Monday.”
  • He emphasizes that, during the electoral debate, he asked Sánchez five times if he would agree again with Torra and Junqueras and "he looked down, hid his eyes and fell silent, that is, he granted".
  • He accuses Sánchez of "getting under Iceta's orders so as not to contradict his ERC partners, Junts per Cat, PNV and even Bildu" and warns that his "road map" goes through a Frankenstein government.
  • "If on Sunday you cannot vote in Catalonia normally, the person responsible is Sánchez, because if he had paid attention to the PP's proposals, Torra would be removed from his position."
  • Sanchez is described as "irresponsible" for having matched the elections with the sentence of the process and for instrumentalizing the "calendar of institutions, but" has not sneaked and has gone out of hand. "
  • He accuses Sánchez of "having underestimated the Spaniards" and says that "he is like a sound boxer who grabs the opponent."
  • He says that "the PP is the one who best manages the crises," as evidenced by the fact that, after the González and Zapatero stage, the PP governments created 7 million jobs. "
  • Announces that in the face of the tax increase of Sánchez that will mean a thousand euros more on average for each Spanish, the PP will lower taxes 700 euros on average per year to each citizen.
  • He says that "if the PP had ruled in 2008, we would have saved the 3 million unemployed left by Zapatero", and notes that "now nothing indicates that it will change, the PSOE always leaves a crisis that affects the most needy."
  • Claims the PP model against the PSOE: "The PP manages with austerity, but betting on the welfare state."

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