Cuca Gamarra y Carlos Iturgaiz en un acto sobre familia en Vitoria

Cuca Gamarra describes the PNV as a "crutch" of PSOE and Podemos, and of being the "criminals" of the policies of Sánchez and Iglesias

“Every time the voice is raised against the government's policies, the PNV is guilty because they made it possible. They always come to the rescue of the PSOE and Podemos, and they will continue to do so until the end ”.

He advocates a lowering of taxes as a way to encourage consumption and economic recovery.

Demand explanations from Vice President Iglesias to clarify the "tip" of the Prosecutor, who "has not denied" on the "Dina case", and announces a battery of questions for him to go to Congress.

He demands transparency from a government that has avoided giving a press conference after the Council of Ministers today and wonders what they have to hide after having "hidden".

He criticizes that the Government "restricts" educational freedom when it transfers aid only to public schools and stresses that "only the PP defends a model that fits all, without sectarianism."

"We want inclusion and freedom, that there is a quality public and concerted education," says the PP's deputy secretary for Social Policy.

"We are talking about a virus that does not distinguish students from public and concerted. The policies proposed by the PSOE and Podemos are exclusive, because they only think about one part of the system ”, he asserts.

He underlines that the PP "will not take a step back" and will continue to defend the freedom of parents to choose the education they want for their children.

Carlos Iturgaiz proposes a comprehensive plan for Basque families with measures that include child support and make the cycle of early childhood education free.

Advertise the program Euskadi Concilia to promote the reconciliation of family and personal work life that will include the rationalization of schedules.

Proposes aid for family caregivers and allowances for the hiring of people who care for minors, dependents and the disabled.

He ensures that "voting for the PNV is voting for more Sánchez and Iglesias and more taxes in the Basque Country".

He ensures that only the PP has answers to the real problems of citizens and describes the management of Sánchez and Iglesias as “nefarious” at the head of the Government of Spain and Urkullu in the Basque Country.

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