This Sant Jordi / Book Day will not be the same. But we will try to make it look pretty. Here is our presentation schedule. Esperamos We are waiting for you!


11:30. Interview with Arturo González Campos (Marvel, how beautiful you are) Multiplatform event from the web and networks at

18:00. Carlos Sisí (Red, The Walkers). With the participation of its editor, Vicky Hidalgo. From the Instagram Live of EDICIONES MINOTAURO

Comic Planet

12:00. Toni Fejzula (Homeland). With the participation of Claudio Stassi From the Instagram Live of Fejzula.

five pm. Sara Soler (In the Dark, Planet Manga). With the participation of Santi Casas (Planeta Manga, Red Sonja). From the Instagram Live of to usually do.

18:00. Claudio Stassi (The City of wonders). With the participation of Juan Royo (ACDC). From Stassi's Instagram Live.

More presentations here

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