The president of our party, Santiago Abascal, analyzed from the podium the electoral results in the company of the rest of the members of the VOX board, among which stood out the already MEPs Hermann Tertsch, Mazaly Aguilar and Jorge Buxadé.

He affirmed that a new political stage had been opened in Spain in which VOX has been fully consolidated in the vast majority of institutions despite the attempts of the stigmatization of the vote by the left, the media and the " right coward ", which appealed to the useful vote. In this way, our voice is assured, without intermediaries or interference, in a clear manner, and without the mediation of the major media.

In addition, VOX representation was emphasized in a large number of Autonomous Communities, which now includes the 24 deputies, the three MEPs and the presence in the Senate. To these numbers it is necessary to add the votes of VOX thanks to which our formation is decisive in 30% of provincial capitals when it comes to choosing future mayors.

Abascal continued his speech saying that VOX will enforce their votes, that no insults or stigmas about the formation and their voters will be tolerated and that we committed ourselves to maintain a respectful and flexible line of party with the rest of the formations.

The statement ended with a premise that has remained firm since the formation of the party: "We will fight every day and in all institutions to prevent the left and separatism from destroying Spain and our freedoms."

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